Electric Car-Sharing Service: A New Trend in Electric Vehicle Industry

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Electric car-sharing service is becoming a new trend of car sharing. It is an improvement on traditional car-sharing, which is growing in popularity. electric car-sharing service offers many benefits that drivers appreciate. Several companies are now providing electric car-sharing services. So there is a lot of choice for consumers who want to try this new way of getting around.

What is Electric Car-Sharing Service?

Electric car-sharing service is a new way of renting electric cars for short periods. Customers can book electric vehicles, pick them up at designated locations. Then return the electric vehicle to any location within an agreed boundary area (such as a city). Electric car-sharing services are usually aimed at people who don’t want to own cars. Electric car-sharing service is a great way of getting around if you don’t need electric cars very often. Plus, it can be cheaper than owning electric vehicles or using taxis. Several companies offer this service in the UK, such as Bluecity and Green-Motion.

How Does Electric Car-Sharing Service Work?

Electric car-sharing service works in a similar way to electric car rental. To use an electric car-sharing service, you must first sign up with an hiring company. Then, you should provide your driving license details. Then, when you want an electric car, log into the electric vehicle hire company’s website or mobile app. Electric car-sharing service companies will show you electric cars that are currently available. And you can book an electric vehicle for an hour or two if necessary. Electric car-sharing service is usually cheaper than electric car rental. Because it’s aimed at customers who only need electric vehicles.

Advantages of Electric Car-Sharing Service

The popularity of electric cars are increasing in the recent years. Electric car-sharing services are the ultimate option that grows with that popularity. EVs are low maintenance and cheaper to run than petrol or diesel-electric vehicles. If you have limited need for an electric car, car-sharing system would be a perfect option for you. Because you don’t have to buy electric vehicles or worry about insurance, tax, and MOT costs. Electric car-sharing service also helps to reduce congestion and pollution in cities. Because it increases the efficiency of using the EV.

Disadvantages of Electric Car-Sharing Service

The main disadvantage of that system is that you need an ongoing internet access. These companies are using mobile apps which are tracking the car. So the internet connection is a must for most the the companies. Companies have not yet been able to make it available in more rural areas with poor mobile coverage. The system also depends on customers returning EVs when they finished using them. It means that there may be times when electric vehicles are not available. Electric car-sharing service is less expensive than electric car rental. But the cars tend to be older models with higher mileage. It means they may break down more often.

Is Electric Car-Sharing Service Right For You?

Electric car-sharing service is an option for people who has occasional needs for EVs. Before using it, you should consider your needs. How often will you use the car? What is your favorite hours to use it? How far will you use it? Then, you can decide whether the system is right or wrong for you.

How Electric Car-Sharing Service Works?

To use an electric car sharing system, you should pick one of the companies that provide this service. They have a mobile apps, so you can sign up, and provides you driver license. Once the system approves your application, you can select your electric car near-by. After you fill your payment info, you can start using the service right away!

Electric car sharing s services are the new trend in USA and it becomes available in most major cities.  It provides and option for drivers, who want to try out electric vehicles before buying one. Plus, they reduces congestion and pollution. You should consider an electric car-sharing service as an option before buying one.

Popular Electric Car-Sharing Companies

Electric car-sharing services are becoming popular as people become more conscious. There are a few different electric car-sharing companies out there. But some of the most popular ones seem to be CarShare Vermont, Zipcar, Envoy, and BlueLA.

CarShare Vermont have EVs near the airport. Burlington, Winooski, St. Albans, Essex Junction, Middlebury, Bristol, Brandon and Vergennes. Joining this electric car-sharing service costs $50 per year plus $0.35 cents (in 2022).

Zipcar is a for-profit electric car-sharing company. They have electric cars in most major cities across the United States. Joining Zipcar costs $70 per year plus application and membership fees (varies by city).

Envoy is an electric car-sharing service that operates in California. They have electric cars in Berkeley, Oakland, and Emeryville. Joining Envoy costs $60 per year plus a one-time application fee of $25.

BlueLA is an electric car-sharing service operated by Blue Solutions USA Inc. It is the electric mobility subsidiary of Bouygues Energies & Services. They have electric cars throughout Los Angeles. Joining BlueLA costs $25 per year plus a one-time application fee of $20.

All-electric car-sharing services have a base rate that covers the first 30 to 60 minutes. After that, there is usually an hourly or per minute charge for each extra hour. We would like to remind you that these prices are valid for 2022.


So, what do you think? Are electric car-sharing services the future of transportation? There are pros and cons to consider when it comes to sharing an electric car. It’s up to each individual to decide if this type of service is right for them. If you’re interested in trying out a car-sharing service, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular options. Have you ever used an electric car-sharing service? Let us know about your experience in the comments!

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